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About Me

Hey there, 

I'm Claudia, a wife, mother, Registered Nurse (RN) by profession, and the proud owner of Pink's Tees and Things, LLC - a family-owned and operated business!
I want to share a little bit more about me, in hopes of inspiring others to believe in their dreams and go after them!
I spent many years waiting for the PERFECT time to invest more time in growing my business. Fast forward to 2019, I spent most of my time traveling between Northern California for work as a travel nurse, and home to Southern California on the weekends. I knew at the end of 2019, I wanted to take some time to rededicate myself to my business. However, 2020 had other plans...insert pandemic. At the end of March 2020, I joined what would become hundreds of thousands of other healthcare professional in New York to serve on the front lines as a disaster nurse.
While New York wasn't an ideal situation, it did help me gain some perspective. I quickly realized, life is too short to wait for the PERFECT time to go after my goals of running a successful business. I returned home from New York with such a different perspective on life...and what was truly living.
After talking to my family about my plan to go full force in my business, I was ready to conquer the world...or at least the social media world. My daughter set up my TikTok account one night while sitting in my home office... and well the rest is history. 
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